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Wilfried Nakeu

Wilfried Nakeu was born in 1990 in Yaounde. He studied computer science before venturing into visual arts. His encounter with … Continue Reading Wilfried Nakeu


Modes’Emploi (2013) is a collaborative project developed by artists Alioum Moussa (Cameroon), Mariko Kadi (Niger) and Pedro Pablo Viñuales (Spain). The project … Continue Reading Modes’Emploi

Dominique Catton

Dominique Catton is an international photographer and multimedia artist based in Yaounde. Her work includes freelance assignments as content creator … Continue Reading Dominique Catton

Steve Mvondo

Steve Mvondo Born in 1988 in Yaounde, Steve Mvondo is a self-taught photographer based in Douala whose interest in lens-based … Continue Reading Steve Mvondo

Max Mbakop

Max Mbakop’s series is a work-in-progress documenting the emergence of roller-skating and BMX as part of the Douala’s urban cultures. … Continue Reading Max Mbakop

Yvon Ngassam

BIOGRAPHY Yvon Ngassam (born 1982, Bangangte; lives and works in Yaounde) Yvon Ngassam encountered visual arts in 2009 while producing … Continue Reading Yvon Ngassam

Blaise Djilo

Blaise Djilo (born in 1964, Yaounde; lives and works in Garoua) Blaise Djilo is a self-taught photographer who has been … Continue Reading Blaise Djilo

Samo Seymo

Samo Seymo’s work is predominantly concerned with the gaze and self-representation. Contemplating the Other Side (2014) is an experimental series … Continue Reading Samo Seymo

Patrick Wokmeni

BIOGRAPHY Patrick Wokmeni, born 1985 in Douala; lives and works in Gent, Belgium. Artist statement: « I completely immersed myself in … Continue Reading Patrick Wokmeni

Rodrig Mbock

Rodrig Mbock: Bendskinners (2015) The term “benskin” from the English words “to bend (one’s) skin” means to bend the body. It … Continue Reading Rodrig Mbock