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Blaise Djilo

Blaise Djilo (born in 1964, Yaounde; lives and works in Garoua)

Blaise Djilo is a self-taught photographer who has been practising for more than fifteen years. Along his many professional encounters he learned analogue photography and black and white printing. He currently works in Cameroon’s Northern region where he is capturing everyday life as part of his personal practice and upon commission.

The two portfolios presented below are entitled Against the Current, looking at a Muslim educational facility supporting young girls and women’s education, and Feou Kake the documentation of a harvest celebration held  by the Tupuri people in regions between North Cameroon and South West Chad.


List of exhibitions

Solo exhibitions 

Le Nord Cameroun, Institut Français de Douala
Femmes du Septentrion, Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de Garoua

Le Nord Cameroun, Institut Français de Yaoundé
Coquetteries de Femmes, Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de Garoua
Les Enfants du Septentrion, Annexe Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de N’Gaoundéré

Les Enfants du Septentrion, Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de Garoua

Couleurs, Alliance Franco-Camerounaise de Garoua 

Group exhibition

YaPhoto#0: Ce que nous voyons, Musée la Blackitude, Yaoundé

Blaise Djilo: Feou Kake

Feou Kake (or Feo Kage) is a Tupuri (North Cameroon/South West Chad) harvest celebration held for a week at the … Continue Reading Blaise Djilo: Feou Kake

Blaise Djilo: Against the Current

Blaise Djilo‘s series Against the Current (À Contre-Courant), 2015, presents the legacy of the late Aladji Garou, one of N’Gaoundere … Continue Reading Blaise Djilo: Against the Current

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